How smart is VS2005 in loading symbols for minidumps?
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Chris Shearer Cooper
2008-08-13 15:39:08 UTC
I am receiving a minidump file from the QA team which is 8 time zones
away from me, so sending questions back and forth gets tricky. I load
the file into VS2005, and I have set my Tools:Options:Debugging:Native
"Load DLL Exports" to true so I get symbols from ntdll.dll.

So VS2005 is loading exports from my c:\windows\system32\ntdll.dll.

My first question is this - is VS2005 smart enough to check the
version of ntdll.dll on the machine that generated the minidump file,
and the version on my machine, and not load exports if the versions
don't match?

My second questions is this - how can I get my hands on the matching
ntdll.pdb? I don't think it's doing a very good job guessing at the
stack track entries based on what it can learn from the DLL.

Chris Shearer Cooper
2008-08-13 16:07:52 UTC
Never mind, after trying the instructions in several different web
sites I was able to find one to tell me how to get a symbol server
working, and that downloaded all kinds of PDB files for me, solving
both of my problems.